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A Ship-rex

Ship Stationery

What do you call a dinosaur that crashes their boat?

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Watch this cool video 
from Studio K (CBS) about 
digging for dinos in 
Alberta Canada!
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dino footprints2.png

a. Tyrannosaurus rex have small eyes.
b. Tyrannosaurus rex have good eyesight.
c. Tyrannosaurus rex have big heads.
d. Tyrannosaurus rex have bad eyesight.

You'll find the correct answer at the bottom of the page . . .

Scientists used to think that Tyrannosaurus rex had bad eyesight. Tyrannosaurus rex had very big heads so scientists thought their eyes were very small in comparison. Now, scientists believe that Tyrannosaurus rex actually could see very well!

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What is the 



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Parents . . .
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dino footprints2.png
Blue and yellow parrot

a thesaurus!


What do you call a dinosaur that knows lots of words?

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Read the paragraph. What does the author want us to know about Tyrannosaurus rex?

           I bet you can guess!

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dino footprints2.png

Scientists believe that Tyrannosuarus  rex 
had good eyesight!


MORE Reading Fun

Theiophytalia in sleep posture on the stone. Theiophytalia is a genus of herbivorous iguan

a stego -SNORE-us!

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What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?

Tropical Plant
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