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Our Vision

Inspiring all learners to love the written word and to find beauty, goodness, and truth in the natural and social world.

Boy Reading Tablet
Children in Library
Children in Library

Our Mission

At the Harvard READS Lab, we do relevant, rigorous, and replicable research to help educators build and maintain healthy literacy ecosystems to support transfer at scale and improve student outcomes. 

Our classroom tools support students’ ability to transfer knowledge from taught to untaught subjects.

Our professional learning pathways support teachers’ ability to transfer instructional practices across the school day.

Our partnership model supports transfer of scaling strategies to achieve equitable outcomes for state, district, or school strategic goals.

Our Work

READS stands for Research Enhances 

Adaptations Designed for Scale in Literacy.

The READS Lab at Harvard, led by Professor of Education, James S. Kim, is a research-based collaborative designed to identify and scale adaptive solutions for enhancing children's literacy. We work with teachers and leaders in school districts, schools, non-profit organizations, foundations, and universities who are committed to applying adaptive strategies to improve children’s literacy learning opportunities. 

How do we advance systemic equity through our work?  

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