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At the Harvard READS Lab, we do relevant, rigorous, and replicable research to help educators build and maintain healthy literacy ecosystems to support transfer at scale and improve student outcomes. 

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Ursula H.

I appreciated MORE because every lesson started off with them thinking, and it made everyone participate.  Everyone had to have an idea or write something down.  You could be just sitting like, 'oh, I guess I just opted out right now,' there is no opting out.  Everybody had to think and that questions were just the gatewary or sideways to the lesson, like 'hmm. what are we gonna learn today?'

Mrs Dove, 3rd grade teacher

My class is OBSESSED with science now!  Are there more of the MORE lessons????

Shannon L.

I know some of our MORE teachers they were using MORE strategies during small group instructions two years later, so it transfers to other things.  The MORE study is not something exists in isolation.  It has strategies, ideas, resources, and activities that you can apply to other subject areas.

Spotlight on Our Work

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