The MORE Study

The MORE Study is the result of a long-standing relationship between a large Southeastern school district and the READS Lab.  We are currently conducting a randomized control trial (RCT) in 30 SE schools (n=5800 students) to determine the efficacy of the MORE curriculum in grades 1-3 classrooms.  Currently, we are in year three of the study. Data collection will wrap up in the summer of 2021 and we anticipate early results in the winter of 202. 

The primary goal of the MORE study is to support educators and families in applying diagnoses and interventions that ensure every child, especially struggling learners, can read and comprehend content-rich text.


To meet this goal, we have developed a rich, rigorous curriculum we call MORE (Model of Reading Engagement).  The MORE curriculum includes a set of 20 MORE grade-level lessons (90 activities)-- for teachers to implement in grades 1-2 (Year 1), grades 2-3 (Year 2), and grade 3 (Year 3).


We also have developed a mobile MORE app that is personalized to individual students' reading levels to encourage reading  and support students' developing literacy skills.  The app includes over 1700 activities directly related to the books MORE students read in school and and home.

Currently, the MORE curriculum is available only for study participants.  However, you might be interested learning about our open access summer learning program.

5 CORE Practices Guide Every MORE Lesson

"Epic Calling"

Students tackle an exciting  "More Mission" that encourages them to read and learn how to solve a question or problem.


Student Engagement

We provide students with highly engaging science and social studies books that encourage them to take charge of their own learning


Concept Map

Students learn to map their emerging vocabulary and content knowledge.  The classroom concept map supports collaborative learning.


Collaborative Research

Students work collaboratively and are guided to form their own questions about the content and to seek answers from friends, family, and texts.


Equitable Practices

A set of classroom routines and practices helps ensure that ALL students are participating.