Module 1: Book Matching

Welcome to Module 1! In this section, we want to provide you with a foundation for understanding the research-based principles behind the READS book matching process

1:  Why match books to students? 

We believe that . . . 

THE BETTER we match students with books, 

THE MORE LIKELY they will be to read the books, using the tri-folds to engage and scaffold their learning 

2: Watch a tutorial about book matching 

READS uses student responses on a reading preference survey and information about student reading levels, as measured in Lexiles, to match students to books. 

Watch the tutorial HERE

3. Read through the Reading Preference Survey

In springtime, students take a survey that investigates their reading preferences. This survey is one of the tools that we use to match students to their READS books. 

Download the full survey and access the other materials related to student book matching in our Resources section.

4: Watch a video about the Lexile Framework for Reading

5: Reflect

READS matches books to students based on reading level (Lexile) and interests.


Ask yourself. . .

  • Are there others factors that you feel might be important to consider when matching students to their summer books? 

For example, some teachers feel that it is important to give students choices. Other teachers feel parents should be involved in this process. 

  • What other considerations are there?

Later, you will have an opportunity to review and make changes to the book lists generated by our READS algorithm.

  • What do you already know about your students (or want to find out!) that could inform your review? 


Think about how you currently assess students' reading abilities, ​preferences, and habits. 

6: Quiz

Check your understanding by taking a Book Matching Mini-Quiz. Not sure of an answer? That's okay!  The quiz will guide you through a review of content so you end up with a good understanding of book matching. 


Acess the quiz HERE.


Congratulations! You have completed Module 1! 

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