Introduction: Getting to Know READS

Welcome to our introductory module! In this section, we want to provide you with a foundation about summer learning loss and READS for Summer Learning.

1: Watch a video about the phenomenon of "summer learning loss."

Introductory Video

2: Watch a video about READS for Summer Learning

3: Introduction to the READS tri-fold

Along with every book they read, students will be given a customized tri-fold. The READS lessons and activities you and your team do are designed to support and promote students' competency with the tri-fold.

What is a tri-fold?

The READS tri-fold is first and foremost an engagement tool for students.  There are two types of tri-folds that correspond to the types of books students will receive: narrative (fiction) and informational (nonfiction).  The tri-fold has two sides.  

Side 1 has a pre-reading activity and post-reading questions for students. 

Narrative tri-fold

Informational tri-fold

Side 2 has information and questions for parents

Download an example of a narrative tri-fold HERE.

Download an example of an informational tri-fold HERE.

4: Reflections

Think and discuss...

  • How might the tri-folds engage students? 

  • What are some similarities and differences between the two types of tri-folds? 

  • What information might we learn about students and families from the tri-folds?


By now you have been introduced to some new ideas, terms, and activities. You may have questions, including wondering what you are responsible for and how your team is going to implement the program!

These are common feelings when individuals are first introduced to READS! So, we have developed a number of resources and supports designed to guide you through the implementation process.  That's what the rest of the READS Online Modules are designed to do.  


You might take a couple of minutes to journal about your thoughts and feelings. 

5: Quiz


Can you name the READS Core Components?

Congratulations, you have completed the Introductory Module!

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