READS Online Modules

What is READS for Summer Learning?

READS is a reading intervention designed to increase children’s engagement with books over the summer, focusing on grades 1-5.

About the READS Online Modules

The goal of the READS Online Modules is to provide you with an overview of underlying principles that govern the READS for Summer Learning Program. 

The following five modules should be completed in order in the spring. 

  • Getting to Know READS

  • Book Matching

  • READS Lessons

  • Family Engagement

  • Summer Engagement

Learning Goals

After completing the modules, you should be able to: 

  • Explain why it's important for students to read well-matched books over the summer. 

  • Identify each of the core components of the READS for Summer Learning program. 

  • Identify ideas and strategies for how READS can be successfully implemented within the Reading Partners context. 

Learning Activities

Each module follows a similar format: 

  • Presentation of instructional content designed to increase your knowledge of the research-based principales underlying each core component of the READS program. 

  • Opportunities to reflect on what you learned and opportunities to brainstorm about your upcoming implementation of READS, including adaptations you might want to make. 

  • Short quizzes designed to check your understanding of the material presented.  

Materials Required

  • Computer, speakers, and Internet connection

  • A notebook (electronic or paper) to record your reflections                                                               

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