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Free access to the READS reading resources!

The READS program is designed for use by  parents, teachers, and community partners and is free for all to use.  We particularly encourage parents to read with their students and to complete the activities that go along with each book.  Reading together is fun!

Using the program is easy . . .

  • Select a Book to Read:  Students can choose a book to read from a list of fun fiction and nonfiction books that are found in many public libraries(We have provided links to books that are available on OverDrive.)


  • Introductory Lessons Click on the links (above) to access the lessons.: There are six lessons for Grades 2-4  that parents  can do with their students to prepare them to read independently.  We're adding lessons now!

  • Fun Activities:  Once your student has read a book, you can create a free account and  log on to our web app. You and your child can work together to complete a series of activities related to the books students read.


What is the READS reading program?

We designed READS for children in 2nd through 5th grade.  Our goal is to improve reading comprehension by fostering children’s engagement with books.  We believe that children are “engaged” with books when they are motivated to read them on their own and in ways that increase their reading comprehension. The three key elements (“ABCs”) of READS  are:

ccess to books at home, including a wide variety of texts.

B ooks that are well-matched to each child’s reading level and interests.

omprehension activities, to help advance students' reading ability.

Elementary Reading Booklist:  Students can select a book to read independently. The booklist is sorted alphabetically and we provide the author, ISBN#, and Lexile (reading level).
Introductory Lessons: (Coming Soon!)
READS Activity Library: Students can select their book in the READS Activity Library and can complete a series of comprehension activities related to the book.  
We encourage parents to read along with their child and to do the online activities with them!
 Read more about our work in this Wallace Foundation report
READS: Helping Children Become Summer Bookworms
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